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Thanksgiving Open 2020

Thanks to all players and congratulations to our winners and finalists! Huge thanks to Amber for running a fabulous tournament!

Women's 2.5 Singles:

  • Champion: Tiffany Cholez

  • Finalist: Susan Canetto

Women's 3.0 Singles:

  • Champion: Anasa Shank

  • Finalist: Adele Reester

Women's 3.5 Singles:

  • Champion: Kathleen Stolle

  • Finalist: Shawn Blackwood

Women's 4.0 Singles:

  • Champion: Megan Bennett

  • Finalist: Mary Brennan

Women's 3.0 Doubles:

  • Champions: Anasa Shank and Sviatlana Yasianovich

  • Finalists: Rebecca Givens and Allison Kaelberer

Women's 3.5 Doubles:

  • Champions: Ellen Irwin and Marcie Manuello

  • Finalists: Karie Lehigh and Jane Jussila

Women's 4.0 Doubles:

  • Champions: Julie Clapham and Kristi Samuelson

  • Finalists: Katie Hanna and Anne Mills

Men's 3.0 Singles:

  • Champion: Travis Hyslop

  • Finalist: Alec Wynee

Men's 3.5 Singles:

  • Champion: Justin White

  • Finalist: Jean-Marc Henry

Men's 4.5 Singles:

  • Champion: Alex Rondon

  • Finalist: Felipe Quiroga

Men's Open Singles:

  • Champion: Colby Jimenez

  • Finalist: Peter Reiss

Men's 3.5 Doubles:

  • Champions: Jeremy Mayoss and Adam Wiggins

  • Finalists: Gary Capps and John Dungey

Men's 4.0 Doubles:

  • Champions: Steve Preston and Jason Egger

  • Finalists: Julio Casillas and Thomas Samuelson

Mixed 6.0 Doubles:

  • Champions: Jim Burgert and Emese Nagy

Mixed 6.5 Doubles:

  • Champions: Christie and Ian Dyer

  • Finalists: Chris Proctor and Charlie Ghidotti

Mixed 7.5 Doubles:

  • Champions: Morgan Riddle and Rudy Reynolds

Mixed 8.0 Doubles:

  • Champions: Nate Arnold and Victoria Hostin

  • Finalists: Melissa Blake and Ryan Moriarty

Mixed 8.5 Doubles:

  • Champions: Julie and Paul Whipple

  • Finalists: Travis Beard and Laura Downie

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