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Play Sessions, Bootcamps, Socials, Ladies play and more now available at the Parker Racquet Club

Parker Racquet Club is a premier indoor facility featuring a
deco-turf cushioned tennis-court (outdoor-type) surface.
This means that the surface is more forgiving on your joints!
We use outdoor (Franklin X-Performance 40) pickleballs.
Additionally, PRC features top of the line LED upward-
facing lighting to ensure a bright, glare-free playing experience.
Parker Racquet Club caters to a wide range of pickleball abilities, with the general concept of grouping players of similar caliber.
Clean, non-marking athletic shoes are required to play.
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Member / guest - $40
*Price paid by reserving player
member - $16
Guest - $32

*Price Split Amongst the Participants 

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Pickleball Boot Camps:

Pickleball bootcamps are offered at Beginner and Intermediate levels, and Instructional-play sessions are offered for Advanced level players. Learn the game from experienced and IPTPA certified instructors who have taught at

Parker Racquet Club since opening. The registration cost for bootcamps is $170/person and includes three 2- hour sessions that can be taken based on your schedule. Bootcamps are offered most every weekend throughout the

entire year and can also be scheduled on some weekdays. Bootcamps are geared specifically to the current player level, and the goal is to learn the next tier of the game and advance in rating. Areas of focus include general mechanics, footwork, serving, 2nd shot, 3rd shot strategies, shot selection and court positioning. These camps also include game analysis, breakdown of rallies and learning practice methods and drills to become a better player. Each participant will receive individual instruction, and the player/coach ratio is apx. 4:1. All required equipment (paddles and balls) is provided for players new to the game. At the completion of pickleball boot camps, players may participate in our Instructional-play

sessions, group-play sessions and/or other group lessons. The primary benefit of bootcamps is for players to cut the learning curve of the game and play at a higher level by learning more about pickleball strategy and increasing skill level quickly. Pickleball is already a fun game, and it is much more fun when you learn to become better…faster!

Contact Mike Anderson to receive registration information for pickleball bootcamps for your level. Bootcamps fill quickly but are typically available to begin within a week or two. We look forward to having you in our exciting

pickleball bootcamp program!

Meet the Pickleball Team 

Mike Anderson, Pickleball coordinator and instructor

Mike Anderson has been a multiple-sport athlete his whole life, a former Division 1

college athlete and has played and coached multiple sports on many levels. He first

began playing pickleball in 2014 and has since competed in tournaments on a regular

basis and has trained and coached players at Parker Racquet Club since opening in

March 2019. Mike is an IPTPA (International Pickleball Teaching Professional

Association) certified instructor and has had a Level II certification for the past four

years. Mike focuses on pickleball player development and runs instructional

bootcamps at all levels as well as small group and private lessons.

After owning and operating a printing business for 28 years in downtown Denver,

Mike has been in the pickleball industry for the past 9 years. Residing in the Parker

area, Mike is married and has three children.


Ellen Irvin, pickleball INSTRUCTOR


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