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Gian steenkamp
tennis professional 

Gian Steenkamp is originally from Pretoria, South Africa. He and his family left SA and moved to Canada in 2011, and then after his undergrad, Gian moved to California to pursue a Doctor of Chiropractic degree. That is where he met his wife, Madison Steenkamp, and then they moved back to Colorado in 2019 to help open and run the Parker Racquet Club--a true family business. Gian has a robust background in the health and fitness industry. He trained with multiple different collegiate teams, as well as the Canadian Olympic rowing team. Gian brings high energy and enthusiasm to the tennis court, and even helps players develop in the strength and conditioning aspect. He specializes with kids and adult beginners, and has a variety of private kids groups that he helps develop to become future tennis stars! 


Gian offers the following lessons to our members and guests. 

Prices are per person per hour

Contact Gian directly to schedule


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